Energy kiosks are centres for electricity production andenergy services.They are generally located in rural or peri-urban zones, andare based on a “pre-electrification” model, offering centralized energy production in close proximity to local communities. The model doesn’t allow direct domestic connection by means of a cable and installation of a meter; it is generally a requirement that consumers travel to the kiosk to access the services.

The concept is innovative not for its technological aspects, but rather for its model of distributing electricity and energy services, with the goal of reaching the majority of the local population, particularly the most vulnerable.


HERi kiosks are run by entrepreneurial female franchisees from the villages where the kiosks have been installed. After initial training provided by HERi, they are able to develop the activity of their kiosks by educatinglocal populations aboutthe new products and services. They also benefit from continuous support via access to the company’s call centre, ongoing training, and assistance from HERi’s sales and marketing teams.

« Becoming an entrepreneur has changed my life. I have developed relationships with people in my village and I feel recognized because I provide products and services that are useful to the community. »

Martine, entrepreneur in d’ANDREBAGARA


The HERi network is a micro-franchise network. The principle is simple: like in a traditional franchise network, the micro-franchisee joins the HERi brand and can thus benefit from its expertise, brand image and support services on a daily basis (initial and ongoing training, national-scale communication, visits and advice from a network supervisor, etc.). In return, the micro-franchisee pays an entry fee and then royalties based on monthly turnover.