By building its kiosks in the heart of rural villages, HERi offers access to low-consumption but high-impact products and services. The kiosks facilitate the development of businesses useful to the communities: phone charging, refrigeration, film projection for entertainment and the dissemination of information, mobile banking, access to micro-finance institutions, etc.

« The kiosk concept is innovative not for its technological aspects, but rather for its model of distributing electricity and energy services, with the goal of reaching the majority of the local population, particularly the most vulnerable. Thus, beyond the delivery of energy products and services, the kiosks are local centres which can be easily used to offer new products and services. »


Samy Chalier, Managing Director of HERi Madagascar


HERi has developed an innovative model for renting solar lanterns. For less than 200 ariary per day (around four euro cents), customers can rent a solar lantern that is charged in the kiosks during the day and delivered to their home before nightfall. As a result, people without access to reliable energy can benefit from clean, reliable and affordable lights – all by making daily micro-payments, just like they were already doing to buy candles or kerosene.


Pay As You Go (PAYG) is a micro-payment solution adapted to low-income populations. The technology enables customers to access clean energy by making prepayments using “mobile money” in much the same way that prepaid airtime tokens are used. This removes the dreaded burden of taking out and repaying traditional bank loans in order to purchase goods. The customer takes home the ready-to-use product after making the down payment. But they must make their weekly payments to keep the product activated. Late payments result in the lamp being automatically deactivated. On completion of all due payments, the product is “unlocked” and fully released to the customer, making subsequent use completely free.